S C I E N C E  F I C T I O N
CBGB 1980
I formed Science Fiction, New York's only hardcore "space" band (think of
Hawkwind, and Eno, UK) with Kevin Van Hentenrijk - and you can guess the rest...
Duo, often with guest musicians (like Walter Stedding at Max's). The concept came
even before Star Wars hit the scene: theatrical-space-rock experimentation,
freestyle, based on my infatuation  at the time with high-end literary works of the
genre; we took up the daunting challenge of taking to the rock stage the mind-
blowing stories of Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov, Philip Jose Farmer, Roger Zelazny
and other Sci Fi illuminati (with their permission and encouragement). And did our
own Sci Fi Rock in a similar fashion.
Our staging was quite impressive (if crude), our performances also. We used a good
amount of visual props; slides projected on screens from the also mind-blowing
artworks of the Visual Geniuses of the genre, like Pendleton and my all-time favorite,
Chris Foss; slides from the Hayden Planetarium (galaxies, nebulae, black holes and
such) - and dinosaurs. Caused total sensory burnout...
It was well received in CBGBs, even better at Max's (by Andy Warhol's crowd, the
"High Society") and in a few underground, after-hours clubs. It was a total trip. But
even so the genre does not thrive (or didn't) in New York like it did (and does) in
London... And Eno just missed the show... Had to move on; still miss it - and still
make music in the vein.

Kevin in a real NASA spacesuit
Paul with the world' first Three-Neck