Europe’s Greatest Sixties Band: The Funny Fools
For 1965 and 1966 the „Europe’s Greatest Sixties Band” title (East of Great Britain), belongs to The Funny Fools - a very young group from Hungary. Taking the totality of original material as prime deciding factor, this is the truth - however unthinkable. East Europe’s Beatles? Hungary’s John Lennon?! (How dare you?!!) The proof is on these pages.
Bestowing such a prestigious title to an unknown (because unexposed) Hungarian band seems audicious indeed. But the fact is that when The Funny Fools introduced their first album in the form of live performances, featuring 12 original and unique, songs in English in the fall of 1965 in Hungary (and followed with their equally unique second album in  the same year), only three bands in all of Europe played original music: short in numbers, concept and own style. This is totally different with The Funny Fools. The music, the mindset and Beatle-like personalities of The FF stands out, stands apart and holds its own ground. But indeed, there were no Funny Fools records in the stores those days. How so?

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The Funny Fools. Europe's Greatest Band 1966