"The Pink Floyd of the 2000s"
- said an A & R Director at  Universal Records.
Club-style mixes that are also romantic? These songs are pushing the limits of "slow dancing" while remaining so sentimental that broken-hearted lovers will keep them under their pillows. And the melodies you can't get out of your head. A plethora of eclecticism; a slow, sensual electric beat meets "whispered rap" and surprising sub-symphonic arrangements. In addition to the Pink Floyd-like slow magic, some songs blend in "hardcore metal". Most cuts will have various mixes and remixes; the title song Blend has an original version clocking in 13 minutes plus. This stuff moves your hard body - and your tendermost soul. (I won't forget: there was a girl, auditioning for the main vocal role who had tears flowing down her face by the end. And she was not sad at all...)
B L E N D     2003
A Sensual, Slow, Danceable Groove,  Modern and Mesmerizing.