Requiem and Celebration
Oh, my young-forever sisters and brothers; remember crying our heart out at
The Beatles concert? How we knew we will never get old, never ever, let alone 
die... Because I know, I still know that we will never die; we will never get old;
oh yes, you are as  beautiful to me as you were then - and let me tell you you
were beautiful and that's how you will stay untill eternity and that's how I see
you and that's how you'll live in my world forever.

But what will be the World like without all those monumental heroes of rock's
first generation? Because one day even they will fall from the skies;
supernovas iconic  to the sweeping, most far-reaching, change-it-all music and
culture that meant everything to The Generation that worshipped them. Just
how is it possible, that someday soon we, who were supposed to be immortal
and forever-young, will all join John and George, Brian and Jimmy and Janis
and all the rest? No, as I said before, not by dying - just by not being here in the
physical sense. And then, instead of a star-studded sky there will be a new
night with only little pale shooting stars reflected in the lonely waters of the
River Mersey and the San Francisco Bay...