Let's make one thing clear about Metallica: yes, in many ways this is so similar that  I'd be honored to loan it out to them if they were still capable making a decent new album... But. I started to record this material before there even WAS Metallica. (They came. I stopped. James didn't...) This IS serious material. Some say it's my best of modern times. Deep as can be but, despite the subject material, it's not depressing; it's not about mourning and such, but it does get close to the Word. Still, whenever I announce the upcoming title (at my rare live appearances) it's greeted with lighthearted cheers (and jeers...). But then the laughing goes away. After all we are in the company of the dark one, Himself. You will enjoy this - is you're mature enough.
Now, Metallica, this one could very well be yours.
Just ask for it.